Lotus At The Ring 2010

Lotus At The Ring Compilation from hoxha on Vimeo.

Northschleife Lotus Exige S 240

This was my second lap, and the first time on the Nurburgring Conditions where cold, moist, and a bit of rain. Lots of fog and about seventy other Lotus, So I had the track to myself most of the time.

The line may seem a bit weird, but the day before the trackday, we had a bus tour with our instructors and walked a part of the Nordschleife. In the wet, the line is totaly different because of the rubber (AVOID), and especially some patches of new asphalt. The new patches are extremely slippery. Before the free laps, we had instructions on how to do the rain lines.

There was no heavy rain, so debris and rubber wasn’t washed off the track but just layed there, getting slippery. It made for a very intense, a bit dangerous and very interesting day. I had semi-slicks:-)
Took some minor damage, touching a guard rail.

Movie starts just before the long straight, because the track was hired off, we could go full throttle, just as in your favorite racing game.

Lotus At The Ring 2010 from hoxha on Vimeo.